Welcome to the Virtual Herbarium of Plants at Risk in Saskatchewan: A Natural Heritage

The Virtual Herbarium of Plants at Risk in Saskatchewan: A Natural Heritage is an educational Website prepared by the personnel of the SASK Herbarium. The goal is to contribute to public awareness regarding the crucial problem of the decline of global biodiversity.

This site contains information about the native rare plants of the Province of Saskatchewan. It is divided into three sections: Researcher, Enthusiast (amateur), and Youth (children). We invite you to learn about the most important aspects of the endangered plants of Saskatchewan, such as taxonomy, distinguishing features, distribution, habitat, rarity ranks and ranking systems, among others. The information in this Website has been designed to be readily available for personal or public non-commercial use. We hope you enjoy this website featuring the rare plants and biodiversity of Saskatchewan.
Natural Heritage
Researcher Tour The tour for the professional provides general information about Saskatchewans ecoregions, rare plants, species lists, plant descriptions, taxonomic keys, and rarity categories. Enthusiast Tour This tour will allow the amateur to learn about and better understand Saskatchewan's ecoregions, as well as the province's endangered plants and their taxonomy, biology, and ranking criteria. Youth Tour In this section you can find out about Saskatchewans rare plants and get general information about individual species, including general characteristics, degree of rarity, distribution, and distinguishing features. My Plant Tour This section is just for fun! It includes crosswords, concentration games, puzzles, and other entertaining ways to learn about rare plants in Saskatchewan. Check it out!