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Welcome to Fungi of Saskatchewan.
This site offers:

1) A Dichotomous Key to identify mushrooms
2) An extensive Picture Gallery of over 450 species of mushrooms found in the province of Saskatchewan. Many pictures were taken and identified by the late Eugene Bossenmaier, who's dedication to mushroom collecting and identifying inspired this project. Spore pictures have been included for many of the species. We have organised all species into "morphological families", acknowledging the fact that the classification of mushrooms is in flux as DNA identification is putting into question many of the traditional divisions.
3) A Cross Reference of our identified Saskatchewan mushrooms to references in common mushroom identification books. In this way the reader is able to compare pictures and descriptions from different sources. We hope we have included at least one source that the reader has access to. A full reference list is available in order to procure a copy.


The province of Saskatchewan is commonly identified as one of the prairie provinces of Canada, but in actuality it is covered by more boreal forest than grasslands. Most, but not all of the species we have included are boreal forest species, this in part because Eugene Bossenmaier focused on this region. But as the project has expanded, we have been able to include mushrooms from all ecosystems of our province. We hope that by offering identified Saskatchewan species it will help local readers narrow their identification, and offer everyone another look at over 450 species of mushrooms. As presented in the disclaimer, some mushrooms are poisonous, and the authors take no responsibility for the misidentification of a mushroom, or mistakes in this site.

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