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Fungi of Saskatchewan
Picture of Aminita muscaria
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Start of Key

How to use the Key
This key allows you to follow a stepwise path, using mushroom characteristics, to narrow down the identification of a mushroom to genus and sometimes even to species. At the end of each "path" we have made links to species of that genus we have found in Saskatchewan. In some cases we have added "look-alike-species", but this should not be considered a complete list of look-alikes, rather we have used this group to place Saskatchewan species that are not been included in the key. As presented in the disclaimer, some mushrooms are poisonous, and the authors take no responsibility for the misidentification of a mushroom, or mistakes in this site.

1A “Mushrooms” – fleshy and not perennial, with gills, on many substrates 2
1B “Mushrooms” – fleshy and not perennial, with pores, on many substrates 54
1C “Mushrooms” – typically fleshy and not perennial, with teeth, on many substrates 62
1D "Mushrooms" – fleshy and funnel shaped, smooth or with ridges, the chantarelles 71
1E Bracket fungi – woody and persistent, on trees 85
1F Puffballs, earth stars, bird's nest fungi – on soil, leaves or detritus, often tough 101
1G Ascomycetes – sac fungi, fleshy and typically delicate 128
1H Coral fungi – basidiomycetes, branched or clubbed, often tough 147
1I Jelly fungi – basidiomycetes, moist and gelatinous, mainly on wood 154
1J Stinkhorns – on soil, soft club-shaped, and smelly 159
1K Club shaped fungi – stinkhorns, dead mens' fingers, earth tongues 165
1L Crust fungi – dry, smooth or with pores or teeth, mainly on wood 166
1M Subterranean fungi 175
1N Slime molds 177