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Fungi of Saskatchewan
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Dedication to Eugene Bossenmaier / About the Authors    

  Eugene Francis Bossenmaier was born in 1924 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a M.Sc. in Wildlife Biology at a time when that discipline was still in its infancy. After forty years devoted to wildlife management and conservation in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Manitoba, he retired as Director of Resource Allocation and Planning for the Province of Manitoba. He subsequently moved to Saskatchewan where he was able to focus his energies on a subject that had long intrigued him – fungi!
     While studying fungi began as a hobby, his natural curiosity and scientific training finally centered on collection, identification, documentation and photographing of the mushrooms of the Prince Albert National Park and its surrounding area. This resulted in the publication of his book, Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest (published by the Extension Press at the University of Saskatchewan). He always hoped that his work would be shared with others to be used and enjoyed. Mr. Bossenmaier died in 1999.

About the authors:

Most of images in this collection are from slides photographed by Mr. Bossenmaier. Of these some were digitized by the U Saskatchewan Extension Department (for the book, Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest) or generously loaned by the Bossenmaier family to Prof. Susan Kaminskyj as a member of the Biology Department of the University of Saskatchewan.

The remainder (well over 1000!) were digitized by Lindsay McJannet, Marlys Drader and Dennis Dyck.
Lindsay McJannet did the monumental task of identifying, digitally photographing, and mounting and photographing spores of several hundred fungi (now freeze-dried) we collected in 1999-2001 in the Prince Albert area. We were helped by Yunxiu Dai, Mariana Neves, Melissa Boire, Rod McIntyre and Donna Kaminskyj. These specimens form the nucleus of the newly-established U Saskatchewan fungal teaching collection, in the Biology Department of the University of Saskatchewan; Mr. Bossenmaier’s specimens are in the U Alberta herbarium.

This web page was designed and created by Eldon Siemens, who was instrumental in having it see the electronic light of day. However, the key to fungal genera (mostly based on the field keys cited in the reference section) was compiled by me, Susan Kaminskyj, and inaccuracies are my fault. However, as described in the Disclaimer, neither we, nor the University of Saskatchewan accept responsibility or liability for errors the reader might make in identifying mushrooms, for harmful reactions to eating poisonous mushrooms, and/or for idiosyncratic reactions to eating any mushrooms.

I thank Peter Jonker (U Saskatchewan Extension) for putting me in touch with the Bossenmaier family to get this project started, and for lending us his set of digitized images originally published in "Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest".

None of this would have been possible without generous funding from Mrs. Alice Bossenmaier and her family, the Biology Department of the University of Saskatchewan and from the U Saskatchewan USTEP program.

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