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Cross References

Throughout the key we have cross referenced our genus and species with common mushroom identification books. The abreviations for the books are as follows:

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A.......Lincoff  -  National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms
Ar.....Arora  -  Mushrooms Demystified
Ba.....Barron - Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada
Bo.....Bossenmaier  -  Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest.
H.......Hanlin  -  Illustrated Genera of the Ascomycetes (Vol I and II)
L........Lincoff  -  Simon and Schuster’s Guide to Mushrooms
Mc....McKnight  -  Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms
M......Miller  -  Mushrooms of North America
P.......Phillips  -  Mushrooms of North America
S.......Schalkwijk-Barendsen  -  Mushrooms of Northwest North America

References – major

Arora, D. 1985 Mushrooms Demystified. Ten Speed Press, Berkeley CA. ISBN 0-89815-169-4 (abbreviation: Ar)
* Comprehensive keys, descriptions, photographs – an excellent and extremely comprehensive resource

Barron, G. 1999 Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada. Lone Pine, Edmonton AB ISBN 1-55105-199-0 (abbreviation: Ba)
* Many fungal genera are found across North America. Field keys and macroscopic descriptions, and excellent pictures.

Bossenmaier, E. 1997 Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest. University Extension Press, U Saskatchewan. ISBN 0-88880-355-9 (abbreviation: Bo).
* Good pictures and field descriptions to local Saskatchewan boreal forest fungi. Cross-referenced to other field guides, where Bossenmaier’s abbreviation is A=Arora, L=Lincoff Audobon guide

Hanlin, R. 1992 Illustrated Genera of the Ascomycetes, Volumes I and II., Hanlin, R. 1998 Combined keys to the illustrated genera of the Ascomycetes. APS Press. ISBN 0-89054-107-8, 0-89054-198-1, 089054-199-X, (abbreviation: H; x-y refers to volume and page number)

Lincoff, G.H. 1981 National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms. Alfred A. Knopf, NY. ISBN 0-394-51992-2. (abbreviation: A)
* Excellent descriptions and comprehensive selection; includes lookalikes; pictorial key to major groups only; tendency to favour common names but includes scientific; scale indication; p857 has a table of distinctive features of many gilled mushrooms by spore colour.

Lincoff, G.H. (Editor) 1981 Simon and Schuster’s Guide to Mushrooms. Simon and Schuster, NY. ISBN 0-671-42849-7. (abbreviation: L).
* Green pages are a pictorial key to the major groups, and a text key to major genera in each group. Photographs and descriptions of species in each genus. Spore colour, mushroom edibility, saprotroph vs mycorrhiza, are given as thumbnails, and details in text.

McKnight, K.H. and McKnight, V.B. 1987 Peterson Field Guide to Mushrooms. Houghton Mifflin, NY. ISBN 0-395-91090-0 (abbreviation: Mc)
* Comprehensive text descriptions with diagrams of major species, using common and scientific names. No identification key. Text descriptions and drawings are separate; drawings indicate important field characters.

Miller, O.K. Jr 1972 Mushrooms of North America, E. P. Dutton, NY. ISBN 0-525-48317-9 (abbreviation: M)
* Field keys throughout the book. Detailed text description of fruit bodies, growth habit, edibility. Photographs of most of the genera/species described in the text; illustrated glossary, p350

Phillips, R 1991 Mushrooms of North America. Little, Brown and Co., NY. ISBN 0-316-70613-2 (abbreviation: P)
* Multiple pictures of each species described, usually several views including cut and/or bruised, with scale indication. Text description on same page as photograph.

Schalkwijk-Barendsen, H.M.E. 1991 Mushrooms of Northwest North America. Lone Pine, Edmonton AB. ISBN 1-22105-046-3 (abbreviation: S)
* Focuses on species that grow in western Canada; drawings provide generalized images. Keys to genera p19-23, and brief descriptions of major genera; pictorial glossary p14 and 397; text glossary p399; colour illustrations p25-192; species descriptions p194-396; uses common name and scientific name

Stephenson, S.L. and Stempen, H. 1994. Myxomycetes, a Handbook of Slime Molds. Timber Press, Inc, Portland OR. ISBN 0-88192-439-3 (abbreviation: SS)


References – additional

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