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Fungi of Saskatchewan
Picture of Aminita muscaria
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Genus species Morphological Family
Hygrophorus russula Hygrophoraceae  

Cross References Cross References: A 654-68; Ar103-29; Ba272-7; Bo18, 20; L97-104; M47-56; Mc202-13; P63-73; S58-9, 231

Picture of Hygrophorus russulaPicture of Hygrophorus russula

Spore picture

Spore picture


Note: Cross references may not pertain to this species specifically, most of the cross references have only been worked out to a genus level. We hope to update the cross references to be species specific soon.
Note: The macroscopic "lab" pictures (with the ruler; if in 1/10ths then scale in cm, othewise in inches) are of the specimens after they were freeze dried.
Note: The width of the spore picture micrograph is 225 µm ( = 0.225 mm). The apparent size of these pictures depends on the web browser and computer you are using.